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Coffee hotel.

Residency Programme.

Road trip. What's so strange about that?

Half September we're setting out on an epic 2 month journey through Europe.
The goal: invite as many people as possible to sign up for the residency programme. 

We're doing so in style. With our 1971 Citroën Hy Coffee named Laura. She's a stunner. Completely electrically converted and equipped with some of the best coffee gear known to man. 

We're driving her all around Europe to the coolest coffee bars and roasters. Once there Laura will come to her full potential. We're organising mini-events, serve tasty coffees and spread the word about the residency programme.

The Residency Programme
We invite coffee and hospitality professionals and enthusiasts to come live and work in our coffee hotel. We hope to learn from each other and inspire each other in the work that we love so much. We're setting out to foster a pan-European coffee culture.

Learn more about the residency programme

The Hotel
We're building the world's first coffee hotel. Funding is in and construction is nearing its final stages. The Man Met Bril Koffie Hotel is, of course, completely coffee themed, and features, aside from rooms, a roastery, bar and restaurant. A true and complete coffee experience. 

Learn more about the hotel

Want to follow our progress? We're sharing every step on Instagram.

Are you a coffee bar, roaster or cafe and want us to come by? Please let us know below!

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Are you a coffee bar, cafe or hostel and want us to come by?

Do you have any recommendations for us to visit?

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