Man Met Bril Koffie: Coffee List

Land Boerderij Boer(en) Variëteit Verwerking Smaak
Brazilië El Dorado Familie Faleiros Red Acaìa natural Darkest roast of all our coffees 
Creamy mouthfeel
Chocolate and nutty
          Our least acidic coffee
Brazilië Recanto Rafael Vinhal Topazio, Catuai pulped natural
          Intense body, pecan nuts, pure chocolate
Brazilië Inacio 4852 Inacio Soares Red Catuaí washed and fermented for 7 days without oxygen (anaerobic) with lime and orange in the tank Soft mouthfeel, hazelnut, milkchocolate, caramel and mild citrus acidity
          Notes: praline, spices and citrus
El Salvador El Rosario Federico Pacas Yellow Icatu natural Intense and creamy mouthfeel
          Nougat, caramel and cacao
Colombia La Victoria Asociation of 30 farmers Caturra / Typica washed friendly filtercoffee 
          dark chocolate, red fruits
Ethiopia Iron Lion Multiple farming communities natural heirloom natural intense sweet and heavy body
          dark chocolate, dried fruits, winey
Ethiopia Shantawene Shantawene Village farmers natural heirloom washed clean and juicy
          blueberry, peach and jasmine
Guatemala Santa Felisa Annabella Menes Red Catuaí wilde yeast fermentation exclusive coffee with exceptional quality
super clean and soft mouthfeel
          tastes like toffee, cardemom and nectarine