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El Dragon Decaf , Colombia, Cafe Decafe Selection
El Dragon Decaf , Colombia, Cafe Decafe Selection

El Dragon Decaf , Colombia, Cafe Decafe Selection

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Dried dates, Toffee, Marzipan 


Producer: Santa Maria Community

Region: Huila

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Processing: Washed - Sugar Cane Decaf

Altitude: 1,700m - 2,100m


Coming from the same producers as our all time favourite washed Colombian,Los Osos this medium acidity decaffeinated coffee is a delight for the decaf drinkers.

Combining some complexity with a medium acidity and high sweetness this is that type of coffee that nobody will believe you when you tell them its a decaf.

Intense but clean flavours and a long lasting aftertaste make this coffee super easy to drink but memorable, you will always want a second cup and guess what, no caffeine rush.

This lot is the result of the collective efforts of 25 smallholder coffee producers from the Santa Maria Community in Huila, Colombia. These dedicated farmers, including notable names like Delfin Carvajal, Fernando Tulio Lopez, and Flor Marina Betancourt, are an integral part of our network and often participate in coffee competitions.

Grown at 1700-2100 m.a.s.l, the lot consists of Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Castillo, and Colombia varieties. The decaffeination process uses Ethyl Acetate (E.A), also known as the 'sugar cane' technique, where the volatile product (the ethanol) is extracted from fermented sugar cane ethanol.


250g pack

Espresso Recipe:                                   
18-19g coffee (finely ground)                 
brew time 28 seconds               
38-42ml espresso

Filter Recipe:
6.5 grams (coarsely ground) coffee per 100ml water
brew time 2.5-3.5 minutes