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Chiapas Half Caff , Mexico
Chiapas Half Caff , Mexico

Chiapas Half Caff , Mexico

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Chocolate,Caramelised  Nuts, Brown Sugar 


Producer: Multiple 

Region: Amatenango de la Frontera

Variety: Garnica, Typica, Bourbon

Processing: Washed - Mountain Water Decaf Washed 

Altitude: 1,450m - 1,600m


Our Mexican go to coffee now in a "half caff" version, for when you need a little bit more energy but your bed time is in three hours.

The caffeinated half comes from Luiz Ordonez, a Washed Guarnica and the other half is a Mountain Water Decaf Washed Bourbon, both from the Chiapas State. 

This super easy to drink coffee is an all time favourite of our regular buyers. Amatenango de la Frontera is a region, just steps away from the Guatemalan border in Mexico. In fact, these coffees are very reminiscent of classic Huehuetenango coffees, as this famous growing region is so close by.

250g pack

Espresso Recipe:                                   
18-19g coffee (finely ground)                 
brew time 28 seconds               
38-42ml espresso

Filter Recipe:
6.5 grams (coarsely ground) coffee per 100ml water
brew time 2.5-3.5 minutes