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Blendy Blend, Brazil
Blendy Blend, Brazil

Blendy Blend, Brazil

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Chocolate, Caramelised Nuts, Creamy, Round Mouthfeel

Producer: Rafael Vinhal

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Variety: Catuaí, Catucaí, Topázio, IBC12

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 980m


Say goodbye to ashy, far too bitter “normal” coffee!  


Our Blendy Blend is a coffee that is suitable for absolutely everyone. With accessible and easy-to-drink flavors, this blend is always consistent. 


The coffee in the Blendy Blend is of Brazilian origin. And we roast it in such a way that it is always easy to make a nice espresso shot. 


 From time to time the coffees within the Blendy Blend may differ due to harvests, availability and what we consider most suitable, but you can always trust that the Blendy Blend will taste the same as the last time. 


The well-known characteristics of the Blendy Blend are: a low acidity, a creamy mouthfeel and nutty and chocolate-like flavors.  


The coffee is lighter roasted than the coffees you will find on the supermarket shelf and the purchased green coffees themselves are also of much higher quality. 


It is therefore the perfect coffee to start your journey into specialty coffee. Have fun! 


Since 1988, the Vinhal family has been producing very high quality coffee in the heart of Minas Gerais, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil.


Throughout the entire process of this family business, they have made enormous improvements in sustainability and respect for people and the environment. Everyone in this family business has a passion for coffee and invests in their knowledge and skills, which has resulted in several awards that this farm has received. 


In addition to the fact that this farm collaborates with Rainforest Alliance, for example, they are also a member of the BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association), a special Brazilian organization that organizes competitions and other events for all farmers in Brazil to gain knowledge and get the best out of their product .



250g pack

Espresso Recipe:                                   
18-19g coffee (finely ground)                 
brew time 28 seconds               
38-42ml espresso

Filter Recipe:
6.5 grams (coarsely ground) coffee per 100ml water
brew time 2.5-3.5 minutes