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Man met Bril Koffie is about to open the world's first coffee hotel. A coffee hotel? That's right. In early 2024 we are opening a hotel in Crooswijk with a roastery, coffee bar, restaurant and a lovely large terrace on the Rotte. Nearly forgot, it's also just a hotel with 20 rooms/studios, where you can sleep, eat, drink, have meetings, work out and discover the city from here. We're proud to open the first hotel of it's kind right here in Rotterdam, and we can't wait to open our doors!

Why a coffee hotel?

It's time for the next step! The coffee world is obviously much bigger than just Man Met Bril Koffie and with the hotel we create a place where everything comes together. We are expanding the international coffee community by bringing the best baristas and roasters to the hotel where they can live temporarily and exchange and expand knowledge with us.

At the same time we're not losing sight of the local community. The neighbourhood is invited to to learn everything about coffee, eat, drink, play sports and simply get together. 

The place

Crooswijk, Linker Rottekade. We have a perfect view (and terrace yay!) overlooking the Rotte where you'll get sunlight all day long. If it shines. We are soon moving into five adjacent buildings that are now being completely refurbished by the housing corporation. Social rental homes are returning to the top floors, which have been completely renovated and made more sustainable.

The ground floor features the entrance to our hotel with the coffee roaster, the coffee bar, meeting rooms, sports facilities and a restaurant. Once you walk through the hotel to the back, under the huge ingenious skylights, you'll arrive at the hotel rooms and studios. Part of this will be available for the international baristas and roasters joining the residency programme and the rest for other hotel guests. In terms of atmosphere, we're going for natural and warm tones. Ever been to our Headquarters on the Vijverhofstraat? Then the coffee hotel will feel recognisable. You'll certainly find the wooden coffee booths here.

The food

On the menu of the coffee bar, just like now at the Headquarters, you'll find fresh, organic and original dishes that change regularly. There is always something delicious to be found for both the health freak and the hangover. Of course, the best start of your day, namely our world-famous €6.66 breakfast, won't be missing in Crooswijk. A hotel also needs a restaurant! This really adds value to the place and the neighbourhood. The restaurant's menu is still a surprise. What we can say, is that we're not doing the restaurant ourselves. It's going to be headed by one of our good food friends. Who that is, you'll have to wait and see!


Linker Rottekade 11
3034 RD

Can you envision it too?! Little by little we can show you more. Feel free to walk by and you'll get an idea of what it's going to be like.