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Rutabo, Rwanda
Rutabo, Rwanda

Rutabo, Rwanda

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Apple, Berries, Orange, Walnuts

Producer: Rushashi Washing Station

Region: Rutabo

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1,700m - 2,000m

Rutabo is a village near the Rushashi washing station in Rwanda. The coffee is brought from the village to the station, where it is processed and fermented. The Rutabo coffee is fermented once for 12 hours “dry”, i.e. without pulp, but outside the water basin. And then fermented “wet” twice more for 12 hours. The water from the mountains is used for this and the pulp is later recycled for other purposes. 

Rushashi is known today as an example of how progressive Rwandan coffees can be: they offer high traceability of every “village slot” they process; they were one of the first washing stations in Rwanda that also started producing really good natural coffees and they regularly participate competitively in the Cup Of Excellence. 

The premium paid by This Side Up, the importer of the coffee, is invested in improving the biodiversity of the farms. For example, there is a strong focus on new plants that can serve as support for the coffee plants to provide shade and soil diversity.

The Rutabo is also very tasty. The high citrus acidity is nicely balanced with notes of walnut and red berries. While the coffee also has a heavy body and deep sweet notes. We therefore see the coffee as particularly well suited for both espresso and filter use.

250g pack

Espresso Recipe:                                   
18-19g coffee (finely ground)                 
brew time 28 seconds               
38-42ml espresso

Filter Recipe:
6.5 grams (coarsely ground) coffee per 100ml water
brew time 2.5-3.5 minutes