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Abebe Hilu, Ethiopia
Abebe Hilu, Ethiopia

Abebe Hilu, Ethiopia

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Blackberries, Stone Fruits, Slightly Herbal


Producer: Abebe Hilu

Region: Yirgacheffe

Variety: Dega, Kurume

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 2.060m

Roast Level: Medium


Abebe Hilu has been cultivating and processing coffee for many years on his farm in Yirgacheffe. His farm sits at an astounding 2,060 meters above sea level. The high altitude creates a climate of warm, sunny days and cool nights that help concentrate sugars and produce a sweet, dense cherry.

Abebe selectively handpicks ripe, red cherry and processes it on his farm. Once picked, he lays cherry on his 30 raised drying beds to sundry. He rakes cherry every hour to ensure even drying. He also covers cherry during the hottest part of the day and overnight. Once dry, cherry is bagged and stored in a warehouse on the farm for about 2.5 months before being transported to the dry mill to be prepared for export. All this effort and dedication makes the coffee shine in the cup, the right balance between deep flavours and delicate acidity.   

250g pack

Espresso Recipe:                                   
18-19g coffee (finely ground)                 
brew time 28 seconds               
38-42ml espresso

Filter Recipe:
6.5 grams (coarsely ground) coffee per 100ml water
brew time 2.5-3.5 minutes